To champion and elevate the inner power of every woman through their designs, adorning them to manifest their dream lives.

Raphaella represents a Colombian luxury women’s casual brand crafted in New York and proudly produced in Colombia.

Each piece they create is unique, infused with joy, and exudes grace. High-value garments like dresses and sets are meticulously designed with the utmost care in managing the highest quality fabrics and stitches. The pieces are timeless, featuring classic cuts yet infused with vibrant colors that accentuate the personality of their inspirational muses. Raphaella aims to make every woman feel confident, elegant, and inspired.

Collections are designed in New York by Geraldine Duarte, the founder, and designer of the brand. The entire production, performed by a team of 11 female heads of household, takes place in her atelier located in Barranquilla, Colombia. Fabrics and fashion supplies are sourced within the country and then exported globally.

As part of the Raphaella woman’s journey, the brand has made a significant decision to launch its fine jewelry line, celebrating the exquisite craftsmanship of their country and showcasing precious gemstones like the renowned emeralds. Each piece tells a unique story, connecting directly to the essence of the Raphaella woman. These creations are a tribute to the rich cultural heritage of Colombia, capturing the spirit and beauty of the nation in every thread.


Meet the designer

Geraldine Duarte, a professional in International Business and a passionate fashion designer, moved from Colombia to New York two years ago to fulfill her dream. Discovering her love for fashion at 14, she joyfully transforms ideas into reality. Raphaella is not just a brand for her; it's a life project where she infuses each garment with her creativity and passion for design. Witnessing women embrace and wear her creations, feeling confident in their own skin, brings her immense joy.

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