#NCuniverse: Noah Christian's sustainable brand. Recycled fabrics, 'slow fashion,' and vibrant creations inspired by Japanese martial arts and astronomy. Elevate your style sustainably.

Noah Christian collections blend avant-garde and ready-to-wear, prioritizing quality and uniqueness. Each garment is meticulously crafted with carefully chosen high-quality materials, designed for pure enjoyment.

Designer Noah Christian leads in 'prêt-à-couture,' a personalized approach catering to individual tastes and body needs. This exclusive line is made to order, ensuring limited production and contributing to a planet-friendly ethos by eliminating excesses and waste. Join the movement of originality and positivity with our distinctive, eco-conscious fashion.

Noah Christian, a fixture at prestigious fashion events, showcased the SS19 IN-SON-DA-BI-LE collection at Paris Fashion Week and the TEIEN SS22 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid Allianz Ego 21. The latest Lights Of Tokyo 23 collection was wowed at Madrid Es Moda 23 during Madrid Fashion Week.


At #NCuniverse, sustainability is a commitment. Embrace environmentally friendly fashion with handmade pieces under the 'slow fashion' philosophy, featuring:

  • Circular fashion support, ensuring tailor-made, handmade pieces with ethical working conditions.
  • Use of recycled, ecological fabrics, and natural dyes.
  • Reuse of end-of-stock fabric remains from other brands or warehouses.
  • No use of animal skins or feathers.
  • Meticulous care in packaging and recycled labeling. Make a stylish, sustainable choice with us.
Foto Noah Christian

Meet the designer

Born in Wolfsburg, Germany, Noah Christian, from an Italian-Spanish family, moved to Spain at 18 to pursue his dream of becoming a fashion designer. Currently based in Madrid and La Coruña, he runs his atelier and showroom. With studies in fashion design and pattern making, Noah expanded his skills in Moulage techniques and sewing courses. In 2017, after graduating from the Superior Fashion Design School, he founded his own brand, driven by a passion for fashion and Japanese craftsmanship.

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