Monochrome is a concept-driven fashion label integrating visual arts with fashion design.

With its signature collaborative approach MONOCHROME develops imaginative ways of spawning distinctive visual forms and tangible formations applying geometrical and bespoke pattern cutting. The result is a uniquely tailored design unifying craft with functionality, counter-balanced with a keen eye for detail and quality. The asexual tone of MONOCHROME garments emanates the free and innovative vision that drives the designs. MONOCHROME creations are genderless, singular and timeless, coming from nowhere but made to wear anywhere and by anyone.

The utilitarian aesthetic purveyed through the designs reflects the designers' objective to create garments that are practical while also modish. Inspired by London life, MONOCHROME garments are made to function within an urban setting, exhibiting technical fabrics such as waxed cotton that is waterproof and wool that is efficient and durable. Many of the pieces mimic geometric structures allowing not only an adaptable fit but also transformation into multi-purposeful uses. All garments adorn the classical palette of black and grey exuding a minimal quality for casual wear and unisex elegance.


Meet the designer

Anya Kamarek is a visionary fashion designer with a rich academic background. Graduating from the London College of Fashion with a degree in Fashion Design Technology, she continued her academic pursuit at St. Martins School, earning a postgraduate degree in Innovative Pattern Cutting. An innovator in the fashion industry, Anya is renowned for her groundbreaking work in establishing the brand 'Moochcrome.' Her expertise lies in developing the Unisex Tailoring Methodology and crafting a Cross-Gender Manifesto in fashion design. With a passion for challenging norms and embracing inclusivity, Anya consistently leads the charge in redefining conventional fashion through her unique, boundary-pushing design concepts.

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