Art pieces made for the fashion-conscious woman who explores the world beyond her walls and yet holds passionately to her roots. Cynthia Abila's mission is to display the timeless nature of African heritage and its application to the aesthetics of modern clothing.

Cynthia Abila is an eponymous brand created by Cynthia Otiyo-Abila in 2016. Passionate about African cultures and story telling, she interprets these wonderful traditions through her pieces by reinventing them as modern silhouettes made for the traveling woman.

Based in Nigeria, Cynthia Abila locally designs, sources and produces materials by engaging artisans across the country. The Brand's influences are rooted in the tribal ways of the South-South and Southeast Nigeria, promoting local production and the preservation of centuries old techniques of hand made fabric production. In doing so, the Brand also provide vital work opportunities and essential training to local communities. The beaded and adorned pieces are also worked by hand and finally machine finished.

With the adoption of flexible work policies, women represent 70% of the work force, which enables them support their families.


Meet the designer

At an early age, Cynthia was genuinely in love and fascinated with tradition, painting and fashionable women with no specific career objective in mind. She believes her creative instincts were more or less genetically passed down from her father (a color analyst) while her love for fashion and appreciation for true style, however, was inherited from her mother and many of the fashionable women around her who influenced her passion for style while growing up. She tells her cultural stories with her gorgeous pieces.

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