Ethical, slow fashion. Akalia don't believe in boundaries or borders, and creates long lasting pieces that make a difference.

Akalia was created as a tribute to the strong and adventurous woman who embraces her flaws and transforms them into a unique spark. The name Akalia, which means "gifted" in Greek, reflects our aim to provide a gift to our customers, society, and collaborators through our fashion-forward collections and world-class quality.

The brand has a commitment to empower modern women by making them feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable in their own skin. To achieve this, Akalia has taken a holistic approach to address the issue of unsustainable resource flows while promoting socially responsible practices.

In addition to giving back to the community by repurposing headstock fabrics into hair scrunchies and headbands, Akalia also supports underprivileged communities such as "First Aid" (PAM) in Venezuela.

The company believes in the power of teaching and inspiring others to make a positive change.


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