2ees is an inclusive brand that is committed to sustainability. Every piece is carefully executed by artisans as part of a limited edition collection that stands against over-consumerism and mass production, so common in today’s fashion scene.

Ever since the first collection, 2ees always curated a limited collection of garments that consists of unique and limited pieces ranging from everyday to elegant passing through experimentation.

The two E's, “environment” and “eco friendly” signify the very low impact of pollution and the dispersion of useless materials that is generally done in world super-productions. In fact, the goal is not to satisfy the masses, but a clientele who appreciates made in Italy, design and attachment to nature by transmitting  those daily vibrations that we sometimes forget we have.

Exclusivity is a fundamental factor for the production, each garment is unique, just to avoid a process of overproduction that goes against the philosophy on which the project is rooted.


Meet the designers

2eeS was born in 2020 from the creative meeting of Emanuele and Elena and what they have in common is the perception and the conviction of both, of the existence of a soul that binds the threads of the fabrics and all the particles that are part of it, of an intrinsic energy that leads to the fascination for the material and the love for the construction.

It’s a story made of empathy, perception and sensation, a work of meticulous research and attention to the product and what it entails, tending therefore, to an active propensity towards awareness of the concept of sustainability.