Mia and Verssel

Mia and Verssel a thriving luxury accessories brand based in Madrid, with an experimental and thought-provoking approach to design.

The Collections by Mia and Verssel are driven by passion and delicacy. Our cutting-edge, svelte design and craftsmanship exemplify a reimagined fashion brand unlike any other.

Mia and Verssel shed new light on the fashion industry, enforcing slow fashion and offering the utmost high-quality pieces. With a strong sense of excellence, the pieces are handmade in Ubrique, Spain – a historical city with a legacy built on leather goods making.

The joint affinity of sensitive to impulsive, romantic to fearless adorn MIA AND VERSSEL. Shifting into the next phase, a portal lit by the phosphoresce of the new individuality and where the two sides of the coin meet.

Designer MiaandV

Meet the designer

Lara Blanco, the CEO of MIA AND VERSSEL, thrives in continuous learning, actively seeking challenges to grow. In 2020, she pursued her dream of entrepreneurship, giving life to MIA AND VERRSEL. At MAV, she prioritizes professionalism, respect, and commitment, crucial for project success. With an influential personality and strong leadership, she inspires the MIA AND VERSSEL community to embrace the world with optimism.