Mediterranean, feminine, handmade - these are the pillars on which MAGA is based. To redesign with love and respect the classics of Spanish footwear, the espadrilles.

Maga offers unique and contemporary pieces that capture the essence of Mediterranean light, bringing them to life through artisanal techniques rooted in the past, projecting them into a timeless future, and transcending trends that are limited to a single season.

Inspired by the sky, the earth, and the sea—along with the vibrant colors and textures of nature—MAGA derives its vitality and inspiration from extracting the beauty of the simple, the qualitative, the contemporary, and the eternal.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Noble and renewable materials are employed, paying homage to their origins: the natural.

The 100% organic raw materials encompass natural jute, ecological vegetable fiber, recycled rubber, organic cotton, biodegradable threads, and Spanish or Italian leather, all in accordance with ethical standards.

The factory, situated in Elche, in the Valencian community, boasts a legendary tradition in footwear manufacturing. This deep-rooted lineage informs thoughtful manufacturing approaches, enabling the handcrafted production of pieces with genuine longevity and comfort.