Lunar Laboratories

The main pupose of LUNAR Lab  is to promote the originality, the development of creative energies and the openess to new.

The brand longs for experimenting the art through fashion design in various directions such as deconstructivism, avant-garde, fabric texture experiments, structural volumes inspired by architecture, or the packed layering.

Solid lines that confine the bold figures, structural transparencies that imprint timelessness, dark tones that reflect the most distant galaxies, all of them put together to reveal a discrete presence, yet a presence that very well knows its position in society, an atypical and nonconformist presence that exists beyond any limit, a strong and intense presence that doesn’t go unnoticed.

LUNAR is about all that steps out of line, all that disobeys any compulsory order, it is your brought to light personality. Your LUNAR walk will lift and bring down one’s eyes at every turn, distancing your viewers away from you as from the Moon to Earth.

All these energies will determine the LUNAR people to meditate upon what was known as normal until that very moment.


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