Judy Cuevas is a Mexican apparel brand that offers timeless and innovative basics, is all about responsible fashion, creativity and quality.

Judy Cuevas is an apparel brand that work under the slow-fashion, eco-friendly and fair-trade concepts. It offers pieces that can be worn on a daily basis but with an extra in design without forgetting ethic fashion.

The brand is interested in reaching women who share the ethics before mentioned but also want to be comfortable, elegant and stylish everyday. They create basics but with different details, cuts, silhouettes, and materials that give more personality to the pieces. 

It also has an ETNO collection which they work along with textile artisans from Chiapas. These women weave incredible textiles with the waist loom technique which the designer includes in some of the peices. Both textiles and clothes are made in an artisanal way which makes them unique and of great quality. 

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