Domivis is an independent luxury brand that designs with the core value of visibility.

At Domivis, a powerful gift is unveiled—the ability to be truly seen. As an exclusive community of opinion leaders, a unique space has been meticulously crafted where individuals can embrace the transformative power of visibility. The mission is to provide the tools for self-expression, empowering individuals to become the masters of their narratives. With editorial-worthy designs, Domivis extends an invitation to those seeking the profound experience of being seen, encouraging them to redefine their visibility. People are invited to join Domivis on a journey where their presence is not just acknowledged but celebrated.

lola dominguez headshot

Meet the designer

Domivis was established by American designer Lola Dominguez as a passion project inspired by her personal journey of embracing the transformative power of visibility. Lola's artistic expression is centered around creating pieces that embody the four core values of the brand: visibility, sensuality, creativity, and edge. Through her work, Lola intricately weaves in the theme of duality, drawing inspiration from her personal connections to yin and yang and her identity as a Gemini woman.

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