Created By Culture

Created by Culture is making a difference one bottle at a time through a purpose-led, three-stage process: COLLECT, CREATE and ELEVATE.

Created by Culture collects discarded bottles and glass from the streets and coastline of Ghana, which they then clean, melt, and mould into beautiful upcycled treasures.

Created by Culture has a small team of Ghanaian artisans who clean the community, collecting unwanted and discarded glass bottles. The waste collected is treated as a resource and is transformed into upcycled treasures using traditional Ghanaian techniques dating back to the 17th century. The final piece is finished in Australia, putting an international twist on a Ghanaian tradition.

Created by Culture also has a strong social mission, financially empowering the skilled artisans who make each bead possible. As a Ghanaian owned and operated business, Created by Culture is proud of the fact that all of their artisans are paid fair, living wages, to economically enrich their lives and the lives of their families.

Created by Culture is a small business with a huge impact. It is giving new life to waste, economically empowering artisans, and sharing Ghanaian traditions with the world.


Meet the designer

Caroline is the owner, founder and designer behind Created by Culture. The vision for the business came about when Caroline first returned to her home country of Ghana. She quickly fell in love with the nation's beauty and vibrance, but was devastated to see people unapologetically discarding their rubbish due to having a privately-owned, exorbitantly expensive waste disposal system.  

Today the business has recycled in excess of 2000 glass bottles, economically empowers a team of Ghanaian artisans, and is proud to be sharing their Ghanaian traditions with the world.

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