Casia is built upon the premise of responsible consumption. It focus on simple and classic designs in order for the materials used to shine, all while respecting their identity.

Casia's goal is to create durable and timeless accessories that improve with use, that's why it sources and uses only the best raw materials from their country, Argentina.

The brand only uses vegetable tanned leather from the best tannery in Argentina, without any artificial intervening. This allows the original marks and imperfections of the hides to show, which are a part of the leather’s history.

Each one of the products is handcrafted by artisans in Argentina, and they are produced in small batches in line with visions of conscious production and consumption. 

Casia believes that the future of the clothing industry is more conscious and sustainable. That the consumer no longer blindly follows the rules of fashion and disbelieves in the magical promises or the unreal value that products bring.


Meet the designer

Buenos Aires-born Noelia Battista is a designer, university teacher and mom of two. She grew up surrounded by leather culture and craftsmanship, running through the corridors of her grandfather's factory, admiring the passion for making with her hands from a very young age. Casia was born from her personal process of accepting and valuing herself as she is. Destiny and history have their own marks, same as leather. She firmly believes in giving back, both to nature and to the people involved in the process of creating the pieces.

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