Caletia is a brand that embodies a blend of creativity, design, passion, and above all, the cultural richness of Mexico.

Caletia was established in May 2019 as a result of the Textile and Fashion Design Bachelor's thesis project by Malena, Cynthia, and Karen. We work with skilled Mexican artisans who use high-quality synthetic materials to create our products since our brand is 100% cruelty-free. Caletia was created to fulfill the need for an authentic handbag brand in Mexico that combines original designs with elements inspired by our rich cultural heritage.

Their journey has been an enlightening experience that has taught the brand a lot. People often overlook the process involved in creating a product, which includes design, communication with suppliers for production, marketing, brand accounting, social media management, photoshoot campaigns, and much more. It encompasses a wide range of tasks. Recently, they discussed the advantages and disadvantages of launching a brand. Although starting a brand from scratch and focusing solely on the entrepreneurial venture is undoubtedly challenging, it also has its rewards. It's been a wonderful journey to see something they initiated with so much enthusiasm thrive and become known across Latin America and internationally.



Meet the designers

Meet Maria Elena, a 27-year-old born in Hermosillo, Sonora. In 2014, she moved to Monterrey to pursue her passion for Textile and Fashion Design at the Universidad de Monterrey. Her thesis project led her to co-found Caletia with Karen Humphrey, who was also born in Mante, Tamaulipas and is the same age as Maria. After graduating in 2019, the brand has grown and developed into something truly special.

Caletia's essence can be summed up in their own words: "Our brand embodies creativity, design, passion, and the cultural richness of our country. We saw a need for an original handbag brand in Mexico, infused with elements inspired by our culturally enriching heritage and unique designs."

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