Proud Partners of African Excellence

Join Forces to Empower African Designers.

CULTRITE INCUBATOR and NAIROBI FASHION WEEK, one of Africa's leading fashion institutions, are thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration meant to expand boundaries for established designers as well as emerging brands from all across the continent. This groundbreaking partnership is set to fortify the landscape of African fashion in the name of creativity, sustainability and new ethics.

The enduring collaboration kicks off with an intense online workshop titled "Runway Ready: Accelerating Success." This transformative initiative by Cultrite Incubator, extends an exclusive invitation to 500 talented creatives hailing from every corner of Africa. Aspiring designers will have the incredible opportunity to participate in a series of comprehensive webinars and subsequently receive mentorship and extensive support in crucial areas such as marketing, public relations, sales, and business development.

Cultrite’s initiative aims to bring together a pool of renowned international industry experts. These seasoned professionals are committed to sharing their invaluable insights and savoir-faire with African designers and artisans. The workshop aims to nurture and elevate talent, empowering these visionaries to break barriers and reach new heights of creative and commercial success on the global scene.

This collaborative effort exemplifies Cultrite and Nairobi Fashion Week's unwavering commitment to fostering diversity, inclusion, and innovation within the fashion world. By uniting their strengths, these industry leaders are poised to propel African designers onto the global stage, where their unique voices and artistic expressions can shine brightly.



Nairobi Fashion Week is a leading fashion event in Africa, dedicated to celebrating the rich tapestry of Kenyan and African talents. With a commitment to pushing boundaries and empowering emerging and forefront designers, Nairobi Fashion Week is aiming to embark on sustainable course and become a pivotal platform for showcasing African creativity on a global scale.

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